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Municipal Court

Frequently Requested Phone Numbers

Contact Phone Number
Town Prosecutor – Matt Clifford (928) 322-3769
Graham County Jail (928) 792-5214
Graham County Justice of the Peace (928) 428-1210
Motor Vehicle Division (928) 428-2592

How to Pay a Ticket / Fine

Monthly payments are required. No advance payments and no personal checks are accepted. Call (928) 432-4090 to make payment arrangements. If you fail to make monthly payments your case will be turned over to Fines/Fees and Restitution Enforcement (FARE) for collections.

Court’s Payment Acceptance Policies:

The GVC Municipal Court {Safford~Thatcher~Pima} accepts the following methods of payment:

Cash (in person at the courthouse only)

  • Money order
  • Cashier’s Check
  • Debit or Credit Card
  • Other financial institution generated fund transfer instrument and other forms or means of payment mandated by the Supreme Court
The Court does not accept personal checks.

A receipt shall be provided for every payment made in person to the Court.

The receipt provided by the Court is proof of payment.

There will be a $25 charge for any returned checks or money orders for insufficient funds or stop payments, or any credit/debit chargebacks.

To use Arizona Courts Online payment, go to
For both pre and post adjudicated, a $5 service fee will be added to your payment.Payments for cases in collection will not incur a service fee.

To use nCourt, you can call them at 1-855-436-6820 or pay online by clicking the link below
(nCourt charges a 5% fee of payment amount, ie: $25.00 payment would incur a fee of $1.25)

To Pay online click here

Pay Near Me

Jury Duty Information

If you are unable to serve, please fax or mail a written request to:

GVC Municipal Court

702 S. 8th Ave.

Safford, AZ 85546

You may have just received a traffic citation and are wondering about your options. The information in the link below will explain all your options.Please read all the sections in the document thoroughly.

Fine Information